It may seem contradictory for a printer to say “Go Green”, but at Print & Copy Factory we believe in the efficiency of technology and backing up valued documents and photos. Bring us your materials, such as legal, accounting, or Human Resource files, books, contracts, or whatever you have in mind, to consolidate your paperwork. We can scan them in securely and efficiently, and save the documents to a CD, DVD, or thumb drive. The file format is normally a .pdf, and our scanning software can even put page numbers and file names on the digital file for better reference.

Some features:
  • Scan to create a .pdf file, adding page numbers and stamp identifiers if needed
  • Scan to e-mail


Are you looking to update a document that you don’t have a digital file for? It can be daunting to retype in those much-needed documents such as employee handbooks, policy and procedure manuals, and safety training manuals. We can save you from recreating the file by using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning software that will interpret the original document by scanning the text and converting it into editable text. The quality of the interpretation depends on the quality of the original document clarity for the program to convert to words.

OCR Features:
  • Identifying characters from a hard copy sheet and converting it to a digital file that is editable
  • We can generate one page up to thousands of pages, boxes if you have them
Quality issues may come up with scanning original documents, depending on the quality of the original, the interpretation may be not perfect. There may be some editing required upon your request, at an additional charge.

You had printed flyers for my company once, and the when it came time to get some more done up real quick one day, a coworker took the project to another shop across town. When we got them back and held them side-by-side I could not believe how much better yours looked! When it came time to print my wedding invitations, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Thank you for making my wedding pieces come together so beautifully, and for being such a great place to do business!

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