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What does the term "bleed" mean?

When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, the art actually needs to extend beyond the trim edge. It needs to extend off the sheet, at least 1/8" inch margin (see below).

Rules to provide the proper PDF file:
1. We need cut marks or trim lines indicated outside of the art that is to print indicating where we are to cut.
2. Design wording 1/8" or more away from the cut line or trim marks.

Elements that bleed off the page can sometimes add to the cost of printing if the printer must use a larger size of paper to accommodate the bleed allowance. To reduce costs, if possible, redesign to eliminate the bleed or reduce the page size enough to fit the work on a smaller sheet of paper.

A bleed is extending the background art, like in this image below, we are looking at the teal, extending past where we will cut the cards.  Most people design just to the cut line, thus leaving a white edge, and with the digital presses, we need to have allowance so that there is no white border and that we don't cut into your text.


Need to create a bleed in MS Word or Publisher?

You can create a bleed with text, pictures, or any other type of object. Click this link for information.

Need to create a bleed in InDesign?

When you prepare a document for printing, a number of marks are needed to help the printer determine where to trim the paper, align separation films when producing proofs, measure film for correct calibration and dot density, and so on.. Click this link for information.

Hi Krystal, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you gave to find USB flash drives for us. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the final product. We are so excited to be able to send our customers a classy looking flash drive with our catalog on it. It looks GREAT. You are an extremely wonderful asset to your company. I would like Becky & Larry to know what a great job you did and how great it is to work with you. Thanks again.

-Kat Rainbolt
Granite Precasting

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