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Green is much more than a color

Learn how Print & Copy Factory can increase the green in your footprint


Print on paper gives landowners a reason to grow trees. More than half of all U.S. forestland is owned privately. Private landowners decide the fate of these forests. Many require an income from their land, and when a working forest cannot make money, the land is often put to another use. Research shows that 55 million acres of private U.S. forests will be sold or transferred in the next five years.

Read more at Print Grows Trees

www.paperbecause.com -- Domtar's Paper Because campaign highlights the key role paper plays in our lives and the reasons why it's environmentally friendly.

www.chooseprint.org -- Choose Print is an educational campaign designed to promote the effectiveness of print as a sustainable choice.

www.rediscoverprint.com -- Rediscover Print is committed to searching out credible information, case studies, and statistics on how print makes a positive impact in our daily lives.

www.twosides.info -- Two Sides promotes the responsible production and use of print and paper. The site provides information on why print and paper remain a versatile, sustainable communications medium.


Neenah Green

Neenah Green is our commitment to the earth, the sky and future generations to conduct business in more sustainable ways. It's also a commitment to make it easier and simpler for our customers to make smarter environmental choices. And Green means making it easier and simpler to do the right thing for the environment.

We’re committed to making meaningful reductions in our environmental footprint by focusing on all our customers’ top priorities:

• Continue to expand our offering of papers made with recycled content, including post consumer recycled fiber.
• Continue to expand our offering of FSC Certified papers to support well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.
• Continue to reduce our carbon footprint through mill-based energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Select a logo below to see Neenah's environmentally preferable papers and learn about each attribute or certification.

Environmental Certifications

I wanted to thank you, Krystal, Phil and your whole team for your support of our marketing material. The trade show in Vegas was a huge success and the banners and sell sheets worked exceptionally well.We were under a tight deadline and we were working with minimal infrastructure. Your team took the challenge, listened and came up with solutions that exceeded my expectations. As a consultant referring business, my success hinges on you. Thanks for all you did!

-Tom Dorr

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